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Start Your Own Tradition ( and we don’t mean the Patek Philippe* watch)
*Patek Philippe is a trademark of Patek Philippe SA, Geneve.

We encourage you to start a (good) tradition here in our country. Yes, we are counting on you, the Generations X and Y (and Z, if you’re old enough) !!!

leftorright860For example, in U.K. it is an unwritten rule understood by everyone there that you should stand on the left-hand side of an escalator in order to let someone else pass on the right.
Here in our country, everyone stands where they like, never mind the person behind who is in a hurry to pass.

As another example, in North-west USA (correct me if I’m wrong), if multiple cars approach an intersection which has no traffic light and no traffic sign, the cars are required to come to a halt. Then the first car that reached the intersection gets to move off first, and so on.
Here, generally the kia-su attitude would cause a bit of chaotic jostling for right-of-way, where no right or wrong has yet to be established.

In many countries, people would generally hold the door open for the person behind to pass as well.
Here, the person who passes through the door would not pause to assist the person behind.

Or maybe to stop a wrong practice from propagating. For example, why do some Malaysians like to pronounce our domain names “” as “”? The MY is a 2-letter country code that should not be pronounced as “mine” but should be spelt out as “M-Y”. You can’t pronounce the UK name ” .uk” or the Singapore name “.sg”, right?

So our proposition is simple: select a current bad habit and debate in this forum the correct or acceptable practice that you would like to see established as a good tradition in the country. When there are enough people with a common consensus (eg. stand on the left-hand side of an escalator), go out as a Group to make the positive change, by evangelising the good habit you want to help instill.

To kick it off, I’ve created four topics here based on the above 4 examples, if you wish to champion any of them. Or create your own topic and start your discussion group today. Go on, start your own tradition today!

Just click on the Forum link below “Start A Tradition” and select a topic (tradition) there. Remember, you can also start your own new topic (tradition) too!

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2 thoughts on “Start A Tradition”

  1. It all boils down to bad attitude like kiasu, ignorance of the law and to a larger extend lax law enforcement. Why is it that Malaysian suddenly can become very law abiding when in S’pore or other 1st world foreign countries? Or vice versa when some Singaporeans turned ugly and break the law especially speeding and reckless driving when in Malaysia? Most of the times, law abiding citizens were made to look like fools by following the rules while the renegades get off scot-free like when they jumped queue or beat the red light.
    Some even have the cheek to mock and laughed at the drivers who followed the rules. At every traffic jam, a 2 lane highway can suddenly turn into a 4 lane free for all highway with no traffic police in sight to assist. What the heck. If you cannot beat them, might as well join them. These 3rd world mentality can only be addressed if only we have more strict law enforcement.

    1. Yes, it is a fact that strict enforcement will make existing laws effective, especially traffic related laws. We have many well-intended laws but enforcement may be lax or inconsistent.
      However, here we are advocating simple old-fashioned civic-mindedness for some order and conveniences in our everyday lives. Not laws but unwritten common courtesies that we extend to each other, such that they become recognized as our traditions.
      Will you join one of the four topics or start a new one?

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