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Welcome to Free2Share

sketch1Free2Share is created with the belief that everyone of us has interesting  and useful life’s experiences to share.

From a good read to an illuminating  movie; a soul-satisfying auditory rendition that stimulates pleasurable memories of journeys made; to everyday life’s challenges overcomed within or outside the house.

Feel free to read my share of experiences and feel free to add yours to this “neverending story”.

I’m a baby boomer who has lived through a time when my Dad had to hand-crank to start his car to present where one has the computing power in a handphone far greater than  my University’s computer in mid-seventies. I grew up with sounds of crooners like Sinatra to Elvis to Beatles to Lady Gaga. I’ve worked in R&D to customer service to vaccum cleaner salesman to hi-tech electronics T&M sales engineer to sales manager to General Manager to Group Manager (oversees a group of companies) to Country Manager.  Seen a lot, done a lot, suffered a lot, enjoyed a lot, travelled a lot and contented.

Now it’s time to share.