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TV: Bullet in the Face

bulletinthefaceWhen I first watched this on Astro, I didn’t know what to make of it. The opening minutes already had buckets of bloody violence and layers of not-so-subtle profanities, such that my immediate instinct was to change channel. However, I was transfixed and amazed that somehow the gore and gory and vulgarity seemed familiar. I stayed glued to the screen.

Then it struck me that the characters and action and dialogue seemed to be a MAD Magazine episode. In fact, I began to enjoy the show immensely as soon as I view it as a spoof episode very much like a MAD Magazine story.

The setting is in a fictional city, Bruteville.  Gunter Vogler (Max Williams), a psychotic hitman was shot in his face by his lover, Martine Mahler (Kate Kelton) who is also the partner and lover of his Boss, Tannhäuser. When Gunter awoke in the hospital, he discovers that he was saved by the Police and given a new face; the face of the cop he killed just before he was shot by Martine. The Police figured on leveraging Gunter’s desire for vengeance to help them take down Tannhäuser.

Gunter’s police partner is Lt. Karl Hagerman (Neil Napier) who probably was his dead partner’s gay lover, and whose face is now transplanted on Gunter. The local police commissioner, Eva Braden (Jessica Steen) who is sexually frustrated may have been in love with Hagerman’s dead partner and now hits on Gunter.

The creator and producer is Alan Spencer and filmed in Montreal, Canada.

Catch the show before the censors start butchering it. It is a short series of merely 6 episodes.  Strictly above 18 only.