Birds Around Malaysia


Birds Around Malaysia

Updated: 1-Dec-2014

Yesterday evening, a family of three Pink-necked Green Pigeons roosted on the power cable over my garden and posed for me.
The two males have colourful plumage that gives its name while the female has plain dull green feathers.
One of the males is really fat (the father?)…LOL

Updated: 27-March-2014

Added White-throated Kingfisher, Oriental Magpie-Robin and Olive-backed Sundird. Everyday, I just have to be patient and a new bird may come visiting.

Updated: 17-March-2014

Yesterday, three Javan Mynas visited my garden unexpectedly. Don’t they look like the “Angry Birds”?

This is a gallery of birds around Malaysia. So far, most of these are common birds that regularly visit my own garden. Occasionally I catch sight of some non-native migratory birds flying overhead in formation. That’s when your pulse quickens and you grab your camera (hopefully within reach) and pray that you have captured some decent shots.

Keep your eyes open and look out for these birds around your house and neighbourhood.
All these birds were in my garden, my sister’s garden, or around my neighbourhood. The beautiful Jungle Fowls were in Baling.
Please let me know if I’ve identified any of the birds wrongly.

I will be updating this gallery continually and hopefully in time this will be a useful gallery of Birds Around Malaysia.

2 thoughts on “Birds Around Malaysia”

    1. You need a big garden, lots of trees and plants. He he! Just joking. Some of the birds were from my garden, others from my sister’s house and the jungle fowls were taken in Baling, near Kenny’s house. To take photos of birds, you need lots of patience and luck. For sure, you should have at least some sparrows and mynahs visiting your house/neighbourhood too. You just need to pay attention and look closer from now on. More birds visited my garden this morning. I will update the gallery shortly.

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