Urena Lobata: A natural remedy for chronic renal failure.

Urena Lobata: A natural remedy for chronic renal failure.



My mum-in-law passed away on May 8, 2010, at 90, because of old age; not because of her kidney. She had a good and healthy life for the 22 years since the doctors gave up on her. We sincerely hope this may help others in the same predicament.

My mother-in-law had chronic renal failure of both kidneys back in 1988. She was 68 then and she’s still alive and perky today at 89 (April 2009).

One kidney was declared completely failed and the other had only 25% functionality left.

She was put on various antibiotics which gave her bad reactions and she also had bed sores due to the prolonged periods she spent in bed.

After a prolonged stay at the hospital, came the ominous pronouncement, “She has only 3-months left; take her home, make her comfortable and give her whatever she wants.” (or words to that effect).


Well, in a no-choice situation, an unexpected “choice” appeared in the form of a Chinese man (Mr Ong of Nibong Tebal; sadhu! sadhu! sadhu!) who heard of my mum-in-law’s plight from my brother-in-law. He introduced us to a wild shrub (Urena Lobata or Congo Jute or Pulut-Pulut) which was used to make a soup/tea for my mum-in-law to drink. That’s the miracle and the reason that she is still alive and well today, we believe. 

The recipe calls for the stems of the plant to be cut in lengths of 2-3 inches and air- or sun-dried for storage. Take a small fistful (say 5-10 stalks) and boil in 3 bowls of water until 1 bowl left. A piece of lean meat can be added for taste (or as I believe to “balance” the “coldness” of the plant). Drink once a day for a week and observe for any improvement, before continuing. The frequency can be reduced as the condition improves. My mum-in-law now drinks it once a week or even less frequently.

The white flower of Urena Lobata

The white flower – enlarged

The shrub grows best wild (too much care and attention tends to stifle it). Just scatter the seeds (like tiny hedgehogs; 3-5mm brown seeds that will cling to clothings, hair, like velcro) in a quiet corner of your garden and leave them to grow “wild”). The plant can grow up to 4-5 feet, but can be harvested as soon as it is about 3-feet tall. Just cut the larger stems and let the plant re-grow the branches. Remember to continually scatter the seeds for a steady supply of the plant. Note: there are two types; white or pink flowers. The recommended type is the one with white flowers.

We have introduced this to several other people and to the best of our knowledge, it works for them as well.

The unripe green spiny seeds

The ripe brown spiny seeds

If you have personally tried any of the above , whether positive or negative results, please share your personal experience here to help others make their decision.


6 thoughts on “Urena Lobata: A natural remedy for chronic renal failure.”

  1. At first my friend told me about a special plant which could help people with chronic kidney problem and I began searching all over for it, because my Dad was at third stage renal failure. He is eighty years old. From ebay to all the internet sites I searched day and night and came across this article here.
    I quickly called up the Writer and asked if I could have some of the plants and he said, Yes.
    At night, after work, I rushed over with my friend, and The Writer warmly welcomed us in and introduced us to his wife.
    They gave us some stems and told us to boil them few sticks at a time and to drink it.
    I did as told and gave it to my Dad. At first he was sceptical, but I insisted that he must drink it.
    After drinking it for a few weeks, he went for his kidney check up and the doctor said his kidneys were stable! Wow! It was a miracle! From stage three, it did not deteriorate to stage four but was stabilized!
    Then after he had finished boiling all the stems, we went back and asked for some more, and Writer gave us so many plants to plant and so many seeds! God bless Writer and family! They are so kind and generous and never wanted anything in return, they live up to their pledge to help others and told us to never sell or make profit out of these medicinal plants. This plant can really cure kidney ailments and if you are helped, then do help others, as Writer instilled upon us. God bless Writer and Family!

  2. Hi there, Im from Holland and I would really really like to buy this tea. Can anyone give me advice for an international site where I can buy this? For ever thankfull. (Marjo600@hotmail.com)

  3. Hi. I really need this tree, please contact me. I want to know where to fine the white colour flower. All in here are purple. Our friend is dying. We need it desperately. Do contact me on whatsapp +601129340600 or email me missleenthe@gmail.com. tq

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