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TV: Lilyhammer

This is a TV series that could easily fall below most viewers’ radar as it is quite unlike a typical Hollywood US blockbuster series. No, this is a Norwegian TV series, written and produced by Norwegians and with a Norwegian cast, except for the main actor and the occasional guest stars and shot on location in Norway. But consider these:

  • The main actor is Steven Van Zandt of The Sopranos fame.
  • It is rated 8/10 in IMDb.
  • The location is a Norwegian village, Lillehammer, featured in the 1994 winter Olympics, and the series title is an anglo-play on the village name. The location, scripts and cast provide a welcome relief from the usual Hollywood fare, nicely contrasting the peaceful, gentle lifestyle of the locals with the wild gangster of New York.
Lilyhammer is a Norwegian television series, starring Steven Van Zandt, about a fictional New York gangster, Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, trying to start a new life in isolated Lillehammer in Norway. Wikipedia

After testifying against his former Mafia associates, the New York mobster, Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano is put under the Witness Protection Program and resettles in the tiny Norwegian village of Lillehammer. His savvy cunniness and ruthlessness soon have him carving out a business empire in his adopted home. The series follow his exploits and the excellent casting and scripts make the series  very watchable.

The series started out as a Netflix original series that premiered in USA in February 2012. It has just started its second season run here on Astro.  A two-thumbs up must-see.